Founder of MindTime

John Furey is the founder of MindTime and the MindTime Foundation. The foundation is a mission driven social impact organisation. MindTime is a scientifically validated theory that provides a framework, language and tools to help people understand people. This groundbreaking framework of human cognition has been developed over 25 years led by John Furey and a team of scientists, designers, engineers, and writers. It has been used to solve some of the most intractable problems facing people and organisations today. John works as a consultant and speaker for companies, universities, government agencies, and other organisations, helping them implement more effective team building, communication, innovation, and collaborative thinking through the application of the MindTime framework. He is considered a thought leader in the design of human centered solutions. He spends his time between Samos, Greece and Groningen, The Netherlands. He is also Chairman of The MindTime Group.


Power Tools - A User’s Manual for the Mind John Furey 2005 HumanAge Press

It’s All About Time John Furey 2010 Pioneer Imprints

Scientific publications:

The Theory of MindTime John T. Furey, Vincent J. Fortunato, 2014 Journal of Cosmology


An examination of thinking style patterns as a function of thinking perspective profile

Vincent J. Fortunato, John T. Furey

2012 Journal - Personality and Individual Differences

The Theory of MindTime: The relationships between Future, Past, and Present thinking and psychological wellbeing and stress Vincent J. Fortunato, John T. Furey

2010 Journal - Personality and Individual Differences

The Theory of MindTime and the relationships between thinking perspective and the Big Five personality traits

Vincent J. Fortunato, John T. Furey

2009 Journal - Personality and Individual Differences

The Theory of MindTime: The relationship between thinking perspective and time perspective

Vincent J. Fortunato, John T. Furey

2009 Journal - Personality and Individual Differences

Radio and television appearances (a small selection):

• Interview by Margot Adler, National Public Radio, USA

• Guest on Good Morning America, ABC TV, USA Public Speaking (a selection):

• Phoenix College, 1986

• The American Graduate School International Management, 1989

• American Express, Conference of Engineers, 1993

• The American College of Emergency Physicians, Annual conference, Keynote speaker, 1998

• Wellness Festival, Sun Valley, 2002

• Google Tech Talk, Silicon Valley, CA, 2008 • FIATECH annual conference,Las Vegas, 2008

• iMedia Summit, Austin, 2010

• ad:tech, International Media Conference, New York City, 2010

• Austrian Innovation Day, Silicon Valley, 2012

• Überal, Vienna, 2012 • Samuel Merrit University, annual Faculty Convention, Berkeley, 2012-2013

• University of Luzern, Annual lecture series for students, faculty, and general public, 2013 - 2017

• TedX talk, Groningen, 2017

• University of Groningen, Studium Generale Groningen, 2017

• Hanzehogeschool Groningen - University of applied Sciences, Hanze Honours Day, 2018